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Chairman Introduction

    Mr. Ye Jianfeng, the founder of Yumei brand, began to learn to make traditional duck blood at the age of 25, focusing on the duck blood industry for 15 years. Mr. Ye has many years of experience in the food industry. He knows that in the past, duck blood products were mostly produced by family workshops, and the production environment was bad. Food safety is worrying, and even some unscrupulous producers choose other blood sources to impersonate duck blood to use additives in order to reduce costs, shoddy, and seriously endanger the health of consumers.
    Mr. Ye knows that the people are eating for the heavens and the food is safe. Food safety is about people's health and safety. In the precarious period of the food industry, we only decided to make fresh real duck blood. After years of preparations in 2013, we established Daxie Food Company and founded the Yumei brand. Determined to eat Yumei to be a true conscience brand, reinvesting in the production line in line with national standards, and spent three months looking for the original source of duck growth. Inspected more than 100 poultry slaughter enterprises, and invested millions of dollars to build their own product research and development departments. Everything is only to make fresh and pure duck blood for the consumers, all in order to not forget the original heart - to create a delicious and healthy life for consumers.