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Changzhou Daxie Food Co., Ltd. tells you where duck blood is better than pig blood

Release date:2019-10-17 Views:425

Changzhou Daxie Food Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of boxed duck blood, which has the brand of Yumei duck blood and kitchen full music duck blood.

Whether it's cooking or a food stall on the roadside, there is a delicious animal blood, and many animal blood can be eaten. Common animal blood has duck blood and pig blood, but people who eat duck blood have more people than pig blood. Moreover, although they are all blood-supplying foods, people are more willing to eat duck blood. Is it better for duck blood to have better blood?

Why do you think that eating duck blood is better than pig blood?

From the taste point of view, duck blood tastes better than pig blood, duck blood is very delicate to eat, pig blood is a bit rough to eat. Moreover, after the duck blood is processed, the taste of the duck will be disposed of, leaving only a good smell. Pig blood tastes heavier than duck blood, and many people are not used to eating. In addition, there are many businesses selling fake animal blood on the market. Duck blood is better and better than pig blood. It is easy to break the blood of a duck, and the blood is very tight. There is no air bubble inside, but the fake duck blood is elastic. Except that it is not easy to break, you can see a lot of bubbles when you open it.

It is much harder to distinguish the true and false of pig blood than duck blood, because whether it is real pig blood or fake pig blood, there are bubbles inside. It's just that the pig's blood is easy to break, and it often drops debris, which is a bit hard to touch. Pig blood is easier to buy than fake duck blood. Eating fake pig blood can hurt your health. In addition, the protein content of duck blood is higher than that of pig blood, especially duck blood contains proteins that the human body cannot synthesize. Comprehensive comparison, people found that eating duck blood is better than eating pig blood.

Compared with duck blood and pig blood, which blood is better?

Duck blood and pig blood are familiar blood foods, especially the blood of these two animals are similar. However, from the nutritional value above, duck blood is better than pig blood. This is related to who wants to make up blood, because people now have a good standard of living, but they are more picky about eating. It causes the lack of iron in the body. Iron is an important substance for synthesizing red blood cells and an important substance for life-sustaining activities.

Duck blood and pig blood are the most iron-containing in food, and duck blood has higher iron content than pig blood. 2 The weight of the iron in the two duck blood is several times that of the same weight of pig blood, not to mention the iron in the duck blood is more easily absorbed by the body. Also, the study found that duck blood is good for iron supplementation, and pig blood is better for vascular health.

However, animal blood is pulled in the slaughterhouse and the quality of hygiene is not very good. In addition to animal blood, there is also a lot of metabolic waste. When the blood and air come into contact, it will also be contaminated with harmful substances. Therefore, whether it is duck blood or pig blood, it should be boiled in boiling water for a few minutes. Moreover, it must be completely cooked to be able to play a role in sterilization and disinfection. When cooking with animal blood, it is necessary to put a seasoning such as ginger, which can also play a role in sterilization while removing the taste of food.

Of course, people now know that if you want to have a good blood effect, you must eat duck blood. However, although duck blood has a high nutritional value, it often has a lot of benefits for the body, but it is only for healthy people to eat, and it is not greedy. If you have high cholesterol, people with bad liver, and people who often have diarrhea, these people are not suitable for eating duck blood. Because they don't get the benefit of eating duck blood, they will hurt the body.

Changzhou Dayu Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013 and put into production in 2014. It is headquartered in Zouqu Town Industrial Park, Zhonglou District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The company obtained the production license for blood products in Jiangsu Province. At the same time, the company successfully registered the “Yumei” trademark and applied for “cover design work”. In 2014, it won the “advanced unit” of rest assured consumption in Changzhou. Yumei has become a fast-growing enterprise in the edible blood products industry with a growth rate of 25 times in 6 years, which makes the Yumei brand enjoy a high reputation.