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Changzhou Daxie Duck Blood tells you the misunderstanding of eating animal blood

Release date:2019-10-17 Views:300

Changzhou Daxie Food Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of boxed duck blood, which has the brand of Yumei duck blood and kitchen full music duck blood.

Xiaobian still remembers when I was a child, when the teacher wrote the blackboard, the teacher used the chalk. When using the chalk, it was impossible to avoid the chalk dust, especially when the blackboard was wiped with the blackboard. Next, the chalk ash is clearly visible, and some of the chalk ash will be inhaled when the breathing is involuntarily. At that time, the elders at home will talk to Xiaobian, eat some pig blood and duck blood, can clear the lungs and help the body clean the dust. So is this the truth? The following small series talks about a few misunderstandings about animal blood.

1. Can animal blood really clear the lungs to remove dust?

Like duck blood, pig blood, these foods pass through the mouth, the esophagus enters the stomach of the human body, the intestines, through the digestion and absorption of the stomach, are decomposed into various nutrients and absorbed by the body, which is after each food is ingested by the human body. There is no way to directly affect the lungs in the digestive process, so the blood of the animal does not clear the lungs.

2. Animal blood can excrete toxins from the human body.

Many people eat pig blood and duck blood, and the color of the discharged feces is black. Therefore, there is a toxin in the animal's blood that can be accumulated in the human body, or some people think that black feces are in the human body. When you hang on, you can eat the animal's blood to help discharge the stool.

In fact, this is not the case, because the blood of the animal contains heme iron, and the combination of heme iron and sulfide forms iron sulfide, and the iron sulfide itself is black, combined with the human body's discharge, so that The stool turned black. If you stop eating animal blood, you will find that the color has recovered.

Therefore, animal blood is not as magical as everyone said. It does not have the effect of clearing the lungs. It is also not able to detoxify. As a food, it is analyzed from the most basic nutrients. The protein content in animal blood is relatively high, and the content of iron is relatively high. There are many foods, so for those who lack iron, they can properly supplement animal blood, especially women. Many people have mild iron deficiency anemia, which can be supplemented with some animal blood.

There are many ways to eat animal blood, such as duck blood can be made into bloody blood, duck blood tofu, duck blood fan soup, spicy duck blood, etc., many people also like to put duck blood when eating hot pot.

Food is the source of nutrition for the human body. There are various nutrients in each food. No food can satisfy all the nutritional needs of the human body. There is no perfect food, and there is no food. Different foods have different nutritional characteristics, and must be properly matched to achieve comprehensive nutrition. Nutritional balance is the foundation of health. Therefore, we advocate: scientific understanding of food, balanced diet and health care.