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What are the precautions for eating duck blood?

Release date:2019-10-17 Views:406

Hypertensive patients can be eaten properly, which is very suitable for people who have dry stools. Patients with diarrhea should not eat.
Since animal blood such as duck blood is easy to falsify, it is best to buy it at a regular supermarket. When we eat this traditional Chinese food, we must note that duck blood is the crystallization of the food wisdom of the rare working people. When we eat it, we must understand that this dish can not only be wrapped in the belly, but also has many good effects. Generally, fresh blood, because it contains a lot of oxygen, will form many small pores on the surface and inside of the blood during the production process. The real animal blood is very hard to touch, it is easy to break when cut, the color is dark red, with a little bloody smell. If you don't have these features, be careful to be artificial. Although its nutritional value is extremely high, it can not be eaten. Eating more can have a bad effect on the body, and long-term consumption of the same food can easily cause boredom of this food, and may also cause malnutrition. When we use it, we must not eat it at will, and eat it at will, which is not only bad for our health, but also for long-term development.
Taboo eating duck blood
Don't eat too much, cook it, and don't eat rotten duck blood.
Duck blood can't eat with anything
Can not be mixed with hot food:
1. Grain group: flour, sorghum, glutinous rice and its products.
2, vegetable group: lentils, green vegetables, yellow sprouts, mustard, parsley, pepper, leeks, pumpkin, garlic, garlic, garlic, green onions, ginger, cooked scallions, cooked white radish.
3. Animal food group: mutton, dog meat, scutellaria, river prawn, sea prawn, bird meat, goose egg, pig liver.
4. Milk and dairy products, soy and soy products group: cheese.
Who can't eat duck blood?
It can be eaten by most people. Patients with diarrhea should not eat. People with high blood fat, obesity, and fatty liver are also not suitable for eating duck blood. This is because duck blood has a high fat content, so it is not suitable for them to eat. People with high blood fat, obesity, and fatty liver are not suitable for eating animal internal organs and blood products.