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Changzhou Daxie Food tells you that duck blood can't be eaten with anything.

Release date:2019-10-17 Views:372

Changzhou Dahao Food Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and seller of duck blood, boxed duck blood, Yumei duck blood, kitchen full duck blood, duck blood wholesale.

Duck blood is the blood of ducks in poultry. Usually, people take fresh duck blood. It is the most ideal blood-supplying food. Although there are many poultry blood that can be eaten, duck blood is the most consumed by people. The blood tofu in life generally refers to duck blood, which is a very delicious cooking food, but duck blood is not eaten with all the food, then, duck blood can not eat with what?

Duck blood is rich in nutrients: carbohydrate (g) 12.40, fat (g) 0.40, calcium (mg) 5.00, thiamine (mg) 0.06, manganese (mg) 0.04, cholesterol (mg) 95.00, copper ( Mg) 0.06, protein (g) 13.60, magnesium (mg) 8.00, riboflavin (mg) 0.06, vitamin E (mg) 0.34, iron (mg) 30.50, potassium (mg) 166.00, phosphorus (mg) 87.00, sodium (mg) 173.60, zinc (mg) 0.50;

Nutritional value

1. The blood content of duck blood is high, and it exists in the open form of heme iron, which is easily absorbed and utilized by the human body.

2, duck blood contains trace elements of cobalt, it has a certain preventive effect on other anemia diseases such as malignant anemia.

3, duck blood has a bowel laxative effect, can remove the sediment turbidity of the intestinal cavity, purify the harmful substances such as dust and metal particles to avoid accumulation of poisoning. Therefore, it is a "scavenger" of human body dirt.

4, duck blood contains vitamin K, can promote blood coagulation, has a hemostatic effect.

5, duck blood can also provide a variety of trace elements for the human body, for malnutrition, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and after-care. Can not be mixed with hot food! Food group

Warmth - flour, sorghum, glutinous rice and its products.

Vegetable group

Warmth - lentils, greens, yellow sprouts, mustard, coriander, pepper, leeks, pumpkin, garlic, garlic, garlic, green onions, ginger, cooked scallions, cooked white radish.

Animal food group

Warmth - lamb, dog meat, scutellaria, river prawn, sea prawn, bird meat, goose egg, pig liver.

Milk and dairy products, soy and soy products group

Warmth - cheese.

The above are the foods that Changzhou Daxie Food Co., Ltd. introduced in detail for everyone who can't eat with duck blood. I believe that everyone should have a deep understanding and understanding of what duck blood can't eat with. I hope everyone Pay special attention when eating duck blood. Duck blood cannot be eaten together with these hot foods.