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Daxie Food tells you that this kind of duck blood should never be bought, iron and blood can not be made, and it also ruined your body.

Release date:2019-10-17 Views:1028

Many people like to eat hot pot, called three or five friends to sit together, squatting in the pot, drinking wine, how beautiful. When you eat hot pot, what do you like to eat? My favorite is green leafy vegetables and duck blood, shrimp slippery, every time I must. However, my friend recently reminded that try not to eat duck blood, because the duck blood is seriously falsified, we may not be really duck blood.

Duck blood is rich in nutrients and contains the iron needed by the human body. It is called the blood-supplement, especially for anemia and menopausal women. Some unscrupulous merchants have taken a fancy to this market, using pig blood instead of duck blood to better deceive consumers. Most of the duck blood we eat now is boxed and can't be seen, so it's hard to tell.

Each 100mg of duck blood contains 31.8mg of iron, and 100mg of pig blood contains only 8.7mg, that is to say, in the blood effect, pig blood is far less than duck blood, and killing a duck gets less blood than pigs Much more, so duck blood on the market is much more expensive than pig blood. Therefore, some unscrupulous merchants use pig blood instead of duck blood for profit, they fill the pig's blood, and then add a lot of food additives and preservatives to adjust the color of the blood. Moreover, in order to mass production, they also added a large amount of expansion agent, three or four kilograms of pig blood swelled into more than twenty kilograms of fake duck blood, and then added defoaming king, so that these pig blood looks like fresh duck blood .

You said that such "duck blood" has been eaten by the body?

Method for distinguishing true duck blood from fake duck blood

1, color

The duck blood is really dark red, and the fake is bright red.

2, smell

Really duck blood has a bloody smell, while fake tasteless or stinking.

3, feel

The duck blood is really elastic, and the fake one is split.

4, taste

The duck blood is really delicate and smooth, and the fake taste is very hard and the taste is very bad.

Finally, everyone, go to the market to buy duck blood, it is best to buy can see the real thing or buy a regular manufacturer; when you go to the hot pot restaurant to eat duck blood, you should also ask the taste of duck blood, if you feel not fresh, then withdraw .