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Duck blood fans

Release date:2019-10-17 Views:720


1, prepare ingredients, fans, ducks, duck blood 70 grams, a bowl of duck soup, a little salt, parsley amount, chopped green onion, 10 grams of mustard, 15 grams of bean sprouts, 10 grams of sour beans, tofu Soak four. 2. The ingredients are ready to teach everyone to practice, clean all the ingredients, fans use soft water to spare. 3, remove the line of fans, cut the fans. 4, boil the water, add a little salt, and add to the fans to cook. 5, remove and put in the bowl, spread out. 6, the pot into the bean sprouts, duck plague, duck blood, cooked. 7, remove, put the fans above. 8, another pot, pour into the old duck soup. 9, put into the bean curd, mustard, sour beans boil. 10, put the tofu on the top of the duck blood, the soup and ingredients poured into the pot. 11, then sprinkle with chopped green onion and parsley to eat